Notification Deliveries - Deliveries more than 7 days

How can I restrict Notification Deliveries to last 7 days?

According to the grid it should show last 7 days however it generally displays last 14 or even more. Currently is displaying Notifications delivered 03/07/2007 & today is 03/18/2007

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Hi Gladys

When the Generator runs and displays a notification log for the user, it also checks to see if there are enties older than 7 days for that user. If there are, at that time it deletes notificatoin logs for notifications older than 7 days.

If no notifications have occurred, it will continue to display older notifications.

What is yourversion of AyaNova? select menu Help -> About AyaNova

Create an event that will send a notification, once the notification has been received, refresh the Notification Logs grid - does the new log entry for the notifciation just received show? and is the old notification logs from more than 7 days ago now no longer display?

If they continue to do so, please make a screenshot, zip using WinZip and attach to your reply along with what version of AyaNova you are running.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce -

Currently running Looks like we will need to do another upgrade before we can complete importing data & start using it as a production system.

Will test your suggestion & let you know

Thanks -