Notification modifications

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Is it possible to choose, modify, change or delete the fields send via Event Generator. The SMS has a limited number of characters & the defaulted field headers take up most of the 1st msg & so has to be sent in 2 or more msgs.

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<Above was from a direct email message from an AyaNova user that we wanted to post the answer to here for all>

Not at this time - what the notifications display is hard-coded into the AyaNova program at this time. We do have on our to do list, to look into adding an ability for the AyaNova Administrator to be able to set what data displays.

Suggestion is that you set the Message Format to Brief Format in the notification subscription delivery method for the SMS device as this will limit the amount of characters that is displayed in the message - you may have to test this to see if it meets your needs.

I highly encourage posting questions directly on the forum for the benefit of all AyaNova users.