Notification Question about inactive PM's

I’m planning on using the event generator for the notification system, but I do not want to auto-generate WO’s from PMs. I believe that by clearing the “Active” checkbox in a PM that it will never auto-generate. Are there any other automated tasks that could happen when engaging the generator that could affect my records that I may not want to be charnged or updated?

Basically all I want to use the notification system for is popup messages when a user memos another user or if a new service request is added. (At this time anyway)


Hi Dan

The Event Generator is used for auto-generating workorders from PM’s, and for any notifications subscribed to.

If you set all of your PM’s to inactive, than yes you are correct, only notifications subscribed to would be generated if the Event Generator was running.

Do note that a PM that is set to inactive can not be used to manually generate a workorder - so when you do want to manually generate a PM, you will need to set the PM to Active, save it, than select it in the PM grid and manually generate the workorder, and than set the PM back to inactive.

  • Joyce