Notification Subscriptions

Currently on v6.5, I would like to know if thereis an option to add additional subscriptions, such as aging warningson a uncompleted workorders and if not, is there any plan to do so on the next update:)?

Hi E - only the subscriptions listed are available There is not an ability to create your own. It has to be actually coded into the AyaNova program.

You can certainly post in the Wish List additional subscriptions you would like to see. Do be sure to include examples of what event would occur that would trigger this identifying based on what field etc, as well as who would be notified.

For example, “aging warningson a uncompleted workorders” - what would signify to the Generator that this is an uncompleted workorder? What specific date field would be referred to? Give a few examples of what in a workorder fields and based on what would be triggered and who would be notified etc.

  • Joyce