Hi ,

I am setting up ayanova for my company and I am having an issue with notifications.

I have setupasubscription for the Dispatcher to be notified if a workoder status changes to complete, but the dispatcher isnot notified when that happens.

My question is : do I have to be assigned to that workorder in order to recieve a notification or anyone can recieve a notification as long as subscribed?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Hi Angela

Some notifications are for only the scheduled user - other events can be subscribed to regardless whether a schedulable user or not.

In this case, the event “Workorder – “Status” changed” can be subscribed to by any AyaNova user and be notified when the workorder status.

**Double-check in the workorder entry screen - is it the Workorder Status that has been changed, or the Workorder Item Status - as this event notification is for the Workorder Status (at the top left hand side of the workorder entry screen).

**Also check the Notification Deliveries (last 7 days) for this user (log in as that user, and check their Notification Deliveries (last 7 days) grid within their user navigation pane) - does this grid show that the event was notified to that user, or does it show that there was an error when trying to send out the notification?

**Also, do confirm that the Event Generator is successfully running as per the steps in the AyaNova v3 Manual for setting up the Event Generator

**And does any event notifications occur for any users?

Do post back what you find.

  • Joyce

Thank you for your help.

I just found out that the event Generator was not installed …well at least I learned something :smiley: