Numbered Bullets per Workorder Item

Basically, I want to have a number that increments every time that the detail iterates. Is there a way to do this already built into the report designer or will it have to be done through scripts? If it has to be done through scripts then I will take care of that


Adam Cleveland

Hi Adam

I am not aware of a property to set in the report designer itself. It would be done through scripts.

  • Joyce

That’s what I assumed. It never hurts to ask.

Thanks for the prompt response.

-Adam Cleveland


:slight_smile: I have been interested in the same… is there anyway to post a script sample to the forum?? I do not have a ton of experience with the scripting language. Anyhow that would be massively helpful.


Your AyaNova database comes with many sample report templates with many of them including scripts that you can certainly refer to.
As well this forum section includes many examples of scripts to do specific things in report templates that you can use as is or further edit as you need.

Do also review the forum topic Custom-report-templates if you would like to customize report templates

  • Joyce