OLI with 64bit computers requires AyaNova networked using SQL Express or SQL

If your computer is 64bit, and you want to use OLI - you can not use the stand-alone configuration of AyaNova (which uses the emedded Firebird engine) or if AyaNova is configured for network Firebird Server. There is an issue with how the Firebird database drivers are loaded externally by the Office files on a 64bit station that does not occur with a 32 bit station.

OLI has no issues if using SQL Express or SQL Server on a 64bit.

And if concerned that you just have a single computer - no problem, as you do not need a computer that is a “server” to configure AyaNova for network use. You can configure AyaNova for network use on a single computer too.
Just follow the steps for configuring for network use using the free SQL Express http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova6webHelp/network_sql_express_configurat.htm