Open multiple work orders at the same time

I often get very busy with clients and would like the ability to create new work orders while still having another client record open; or even work on two client records at the same time.

Say i’m in the middle of working on something for a client and entering data into their work order, then the phone rings and it’s another client requesting work to be done. I would like to be able to keep the current workorder open & create a new one for the client on the phone without having to close oneto open another.

I notice that when a work order is open (or any other windows in the program), all other options/operations are locked-up. Even if the workorder is minimized, nothing else can be done.

Without this ability, I must still write things down on paper and then later enter them in AyaNova, or close the work order and go back to it which can cause chaos if the phone rings once again or I get side-tracked with something else.


This post was in the Wish List forum, and although we have had direct emails about this since you posted this, I wanted to post here for the benefit of other AyaNova users that may also experience something similar.

If you have a network configuration for AyaNova, you can run multiple copies of the program on one computer at the same time so that you can access multiple workorders.

For example, lets say you are in a workorder for a client, and another client calls.

Select the Save menu option for this workorder (you don’t have to exit) and minimize this present AyaNova workorder (which minimizes the AyaNova program as well), and log into the AyaNova program again by double-clicking on your AyaNova icon on the desktop

This opens up a new copy of hte AyaNova program where you can create a new workorder for this second client.

When finished, either log out or minimize (in case you get another call); and than maximize the first workorder you were previously entering data on.

This allows you to be in multiple workorders on the same computer. Do save workorders before minimizing to ensure any edits you have done are saved to the database in case you forget you were working and close.

  • Joyce

<P “BACKGROUND: white”><P “BACKGROUND: white”><SPAN “FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana”></SPAN>Hi Joyce,<P “BACKGROUND: white”>I just wanted to chime in and let others know, for us, opening the program twice has been working out well. No more sticky notes. :)<P “BACKGROUND: white”>One of our multitasking techs uses this method consistently. He added two shortcuts pointing to AyaNova to his startup folder. He uses one instance of opening the program for his current workorder and the other to either look up or add information as needed.<P “BACKGROUND: white”>Thanks for the tip.<P “BACKGROUND: white”>Bob


We had same topic and yes opening more than one Ayanova works well. But when you have more than two program open then sometimes you get confusedwhere is the copy you need right now. Especially when one copy of theprogram is where you log in as Administrator.

Q: CanYouadd username also on the top of the program?


Hi Argo

The TaskBar identifies what feature of AyaNova is open. If you maximize the AyaNova program, look at the bottom right-hand side as it will identify the user name logged in