Open/Closed Work Orders

Hello :slight_smile:

When I view/look at my OPEN work orders it shows the closed ones. Although my prefences show ONLY OPEN it stills shows closed.

Also at teh top of the page it states “so may closed” and so many open but that number is wrong.

I justr started this job using Ayanova 6 weeks ago any ideas?



Hello Melissa

  1. On the Main Workorder List view screen, which column of this view that is set to Show open workorders only in the view settings is indicating to you that the workorders are closed?

The column Closed which displays a checkbox is from the <Closed> or <In Progress> field of a workorder (top of the workorder screen). If <Closed> this checkbox will have a checkmark in it.

The column ClosedDate will display “open” if the workorder is still set to <In Progress> - otherwise it will display the date the workorder was set to <Closed>

The column Status will display what status is selected in the Workorder Status: field in the workorder. Workorder status does not affect the <Closed> or <In Progress>

  1. At the top of the Main Workorder View List screen, it will identify “XX total workorders in AyaNova, XX are open

the “XX are open” refers to the total number of workorders that are set to <In Progress>

Do confirm that you are seeing a list of workorders in this view that are set to <In Progress> by opening these workorders and checking whether set to <In Progress> or set to <Closed>

We encourage AyaNova users to review the AyaNova Manual available from as it provides detailed information on every feature of AyaNova, as well as tips on use and tutorials.The sections “Standard Workorders” starting on page 40, and “Work Order List Screen” and “Work Order List View Setup Screen” starting on page 76 expand on the above information.