Optional OLI (Outlook interface) now available for use with AyaNova

With OLI 6, right from within Outlook itself you can:

[li]Generate an AyaNova service workorders from an Outlook email[/li][li]Generate an AyaNova schedule marker from an Outlook email[/li][li]Import AyaNova clients/vendors/head offices into Outlook as contacts[/li][li]Export Outlook contacts into AyaNova as either clients vendors or head offices[/li][li]Import your AyaNova scheduled items into Outlook[/li][/ul]You only need to purchase one OLI license for your database regardless of the number of your AyaNova users that will use this optional add-on plug-in.
Special introductory license price of $149.00
Download the OLI setup file from the [b]Download[/b]web page
More details on use of the OLI 6 plug-in in the AyaNova Online Help