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Does the Outlook plug in allow me the possibility of exporting ALL user scheduled items into my calendar? I have 3 schedulable users who I assign work orders to, I use my Outlook calendar to synchronize with iCloud etc so I know who is scheduled and where/when. I need all of the items, even those not assigned to me, to show up in one calendar in Outlook or even multiple calendars but all under my outlook log in.

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You can not log in as different AyaNova users and import all into one AyaNovaSchedule calender in Outlook. T
OLI has been specifically designed NOT to do this, as original requests for OLI identified the need to create the calender depending on who logged in as, as well as be able to update the calender if there had been changes made in AyaNova after the import (i.e. a scheduled item for the user is changed to a different date, or no longer needed, etc)

Only the scheduled items for the AyaNova user you are logged into AyaNova OLI is imported into Outlook. If had previously imported when logged in as someone else, those previous imported scheduled items will be removed, and the actual scheduled items for the AyaNova user you are logged in as will be imported.

“When the menu option is run in Outlook to import AyaNova scheduled items, the existing imported scheduled events are compared between AyaNova and the Outlook AyaNovaSchedule calendar. And if have changed, deletes the Outlook AyaNovaSchedule calendar events and imports again from AyaNova so you always have the latest information in your Outlook AyaNovaSchedule calendar”

Another way of explaining the above from the Help documentation about OLI importing of scheduled events is:
[li]You log in as scheduleable user A into OLI
[/li][li]You import scheduleable user A’s scheduled items into Outlook which does so into a calendar called AyaNovaSchedule
[/li][li]You then exit out of Outlook which logs you out of OLI
[/li][li]Outlook is run again, this time logging in as a different scheduleable user B
[/li][li]You select to import scheduleable user B’s scheduled items into Outlook
[/li][li]OLI compares what is presently shown as imported into the calendar called AyaNovaSchedule with what is scheduled in AyaNova for this user, and removes any scheduled items in the AyaNovaSchedule calender that do not match to that in AyaNova for the logged in scheduled user, and imports any new.
Also refer to http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/oli___ayanova_schedule_export_.htm

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