Outstanding service provided by joyce

I just wanted everyone to know that Joyce was EXTREMELY helpful in resolving what seemed to be a hopeless situation. She helped walk me through numerous tasks, repaired a very corrupt database, then took enough time and consideration to make sure that everything worked properly after I got it all set back up. This, to me, is what customer service is all about! And I hope Joyce’s Supervisor reads this and she is at least given a “kudos”, because I really appreciate the time she took with me.


I 100% agree. I have never received this type of support from anyone. This was part of the reason that I continued to use Ayanova and upgraded to v3. As you can see, lately Ive posted and had a number of conversations with her. Shes great and needs a dozne roses or a nice dinner.

Thanks alot Joyce. Your a model of Customer Service and Knowledge. Thank you for all your help and thanks for all the quick replies.

Peter Fuzessery

Service Manager

Miad Systems Ltd.

Yes i had an issue and emailed her on a sunday I was surprised to have a reply back within an hour

I would like to also state that Joyce is the Best! She has been more than helpful, and has gone the extra mile many times to help me with AyaNova. I’m a grad student at CMU (FIRE UP CHIPS) and we are “demo-ing” AyaNova for a project in one of my IS classes. She got us the full install key in less than 4 hours, helped with a weekend install problem and just emailed me today to see how our project is coming. I’ve not come across too many people in tech support who are as easily accessible and caring as Joyce. Three cheers for Joyce!