Part Descriptions & part numbers being combinded and should be atleast separated

Is there anyway to use the actual “Part Description” on WOs, Quotes and other paperwork. We have taken the time to enter in all this information and the ONLY way to even see it is to set ALL parts to use “Part Number - Description” in the global settings… This completely prevents the program templates from populating properly as the part numbers and descriptions end-up in the “part number” section and the descriptions sit empty. Can this be resolved?? It would be helpful to have these two setting not be so bound!!

Hello Fouralarm

I am assuming by Description field you are referring to is the field default English locale labeled Description in the Parts subsection of a workorder (or quote or PM) as per the screenshot I have attached to this reply - do open to see.

And I will assume that by paperwork you are referring to a detailed type report template from the Service Workorders grid (or accessed when viewing a single service workorder), or from the Quote grid (or accessed when viewing a single quote), or from the PM grid (or accessed when viewing a single PM).

Yes you can have the Description datafield from the Parts subsection of a workorder (or quote or PM) show on a detailed type report template by customizing your detailed type report template to include the WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart’s LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_Description datafield.

Are you familiar with customizing report templates?
If not, do first follow along with the report template tutorials starting as well as the additional samples on this forum.
And too, I am happy to provide a quote to customize a report template for you, review and send as per the topic Custom-report-templates

There is no option to set the Part Display Format as “Part Number - Description” in your AyaNova Global Settings. This is making me wonder if by “Part Description” you are actually referring to some other field from some other entry screen?

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