Part "Friendly Name"

I’m looking for a way to have a custom name for each of my parts. A “Friendly Name” if you will.

I don’t want my customers seeing what my internal part number is (mainly because it’s confusing and they’ll have no idea what they bought). So, for the time being, I’ve been going into the Workorder under the Parts section and filling out a Friendly Name in the “Description” field. I’ve adjusted my report to show the Description instead of the Part Number so it works out, however, changing this for every Workorder is getting old. (Especially when someone forgets to change the Description before closing out the ticket)

My question is, can there be a “Friendly Name” custom field in each part screen that I can put something in (like: “2GB DDR3 RAM”) and it carry over to the Workorder? This way, it only needs to be changed in the Part and not on every Workorder.

If you see no way to currently do this, could it be implemented in the next release?

Thank you for your help.

AyaNova (Hotfix 2)
Server 2008 Standard (64-bit)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64-bit)


So the underlying issue is that you want to be able to specifically identify which of the part’s datafields shows on the report template - such as specifically identify the part Name field only, even if that is not what you have set in Global Settings for the part display format.
This is something development can certainly look into for a future version. We would not make such a large change to the existing AyaNova version.

A suggestion for now would be to use API methods to bring in the specific part datafield.
The forum section Development/SDK/API provides examples of using API methods to bring in datafields from other objects not preset available from that report templates datasets.

If you would like me to look into what would be involved to use API methods for you, please send the following directly to :

  • confirm the exact datafield(s) of the part entry screen you want to show on your workorder report template (i.e. is it just the Name field from the part entry screen that you want to show?)
  • export copy of the report template that you want customized to show only the part Name (as opposed to using the LI_WorkorderItemPart_Label_PartID from the WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart dataset)
    I would be happy to give you a quote and we can go from there.