*Part in workorder converted to a unit option now in AyaNova 5*


First I would like to clarify my previous suggestion.

It would be very useful to be able to convert a part used in service to a piece of equipment attached to the unit in the work order. Example:

I am servicing a computer with the serial number 12345. I have replaced to hard drive and added it to the parts screen. After the service has been completed, I would like to be able to convert that part to a piece of serialized equipment for the customer and track warranty information.

Also, is there a plan in the works to be able to enter and trackwarranty information for parts?

Thank you

Just an update - one of the many new features coming in AyaNova 5 will be the ability in a workorder to generate a Unit from a selected Part. From the Parts subsection of the workorder entry screen, will be a new menu option where you can easily just identify the part (whether serialized or not) and select a menu option that will open up a new Unit entry screen taking the part’s information (and serial number if serialized) as well as the client and pre-entering it for you.

  • Joyce