Part received to different warehouse

We have a situation where a part was ordered to Warehouse1 then received to Warehouse2. This caused the On Order to still be+ at Warehouse1 and - at Warehouse2.

Technically this should have zero’d out the on order even if it was received to a different location because that PO it was related to is now closed.

What do we need to do now to get the on order numbers fixed?

Hi Chris
Do the opposite:

Make a PO for a part ordered for Warehouse 2
Receive it to Warehouse1 and close the PO
And then because you now have more than one in inventory than you actually have - make a Part Inventory Adjustment of a negative quantity for the part in the warehouse it is not actually in.

  • Joyce

Well, that just sounds obvious now…

Technically isn’t this still a bug as the on order should be linked to the PO and as that PO was received (despite it being a different warehouse)the on order shouldsubtract out?

Hi Chris
Actually no - you specifically selected a specific warehouse for the part to be ordered for, and the part was not received to that specfic warehouse, so therefore that part stil would have 1 on order.

  • Joyce

I understand that, however I still believe the back end logic is wrong here. As the PO designates what is or is not on order if something is ordered via PO 100 as soon as PO 100is marked as received then any part on order from that PO should no longer be on order. The warehouse that it was generated for or received at is irrelevant.

Hello again Chris

I can certainly pass this onto development to look into.

  • Joyce