Part request not showing as received in workorder

I have created a new part, thencreated a new workorder with the new part request more than is available. I then created and received a purchase order. After successfully receving and it showing up in the part inventory, the workorder part request still shows 0 for received. What can I do?

Hello Bleu

Possibily you did not actually make the purchase order based on the specific part request. If you make just a general purchase order for the part in general, that is not tied to that specific part request in that specific workorder and therefore that workorder is not updated that the part is in.

Did you actually select that part request for that workorder from the Part Request menu option in the Purchase Order entry screen?
In the Purchase Order that you received into inventory, does it actually show that workorder # for that part in that Purchase Order items?

  • Joyce

I missed a step. Forgot about the ‘Part requests’ icon on the top bar of the purchase order. Thanks it’s working ok.