Part Request's Not Showing Up In Purchase Order Screen

I am having issues with Part Request’s not showing up when I go in to create a new purchase order. I’ve never used this feature so I’m not really sure if it’s worked before or even if this is how it works.

I’ve created workorder, went to the parts section and added a part that has no stock. It asked me if I wanted to create a Part Request, I said “Yes”. I then had the guy who is in charge of ordering go in to create a new purchase order when he orders the part and then clicks on the “Part Request” button inside the purchase order window and there is nothing there. I assume you use this to create a purchase order based off of a part request. Is this true?

Any idea why this isn’t showing up? I have attached a couple of screenshots.

On a side note, is there any way to send an email notification whenever a Part Request is entered? (This would help my ordering guy)

Hi Jason,

Yes, the reason why nothing is showing is because you have not selected a specific vendor of parts you want to order first, or selected a vendor and checkmarked the “Select from any vendor’s parts” first before clicking on the Part Request menu option in the PO entry screen.

Select the vendor of the part being requested so that AyaNova knows to show all part requests of parts where that vendor is the Wholesaler or Alternative Wholesaler of that part; or checkmark the “Select from any vendor’s parts” so that AyaNova knows to show all part requests regardless of which vendor you selected in the PO.

If ever you have a question about a feature of AyaNova, check out the AyaNova Help documentation.

For example the tutorial How do I create a Purchase Order based on Part Requests walks you through the steps of creating the new PO, selecting the vendor of the part, and then clicking on the Part Requests menu option in the PO entry screen to see the list of part requests of parts for that vendor.

And in the Purchase Order section of the Inventory part of the Help documentation, explains in detail about the “Select from any vendor’s part” field.

On a side note, is there any way to send an email notification whenever a Part Request is entered? (This would help my ordering guy)

There is the notification for the scheduled user selected in the Workorder Item to be notified when the part is received (so knows the part is now inn stock and can now complete the workorder). But actually there is not a notification about a part request being made at present. Its certainly something we will put on the list for development to look into.

A suggestion at this time for your ordering guy is filter the Part Requests grid in the Inventory navigation pane by the PO Number (i.e. select to show only [Blanks]) so that he can see at a glance which have not yet been ordered. Usually parts are ordered no more then once a day, so I would suggest that he checks this grid before he orders each day, and he will see at a glance all the part requests that are needed.

  • Joyce

I have the EXACT same problem… I am using the newest version of Aya and when I have a part that has a primary and alternate vendor, the primary is ALWAYS selected!! When I use the alternate vendor for the part and have the select any vendors part selected the requests still do not show… but if I move back to the primary vendor the part requests show!! I have attempted to delete and reenter the requests but it still has no effect… I have checked and rechecked the part in inventory and all is well… WHY can I not use the alternate vendor in a part request??? ANY help would be useful. We have resorted to crossing off the primary vendor and entering the alternate.

Hello FourAlarm

Thank you for bringing this to our attention which lets us confirm that AyaNova 7.2 has this issue - that the part request record does not show for selection if the Alternative Vendor IS selected AND the Select Part from any vendor IS checkmarked.

At this time, do change the part record itself, setting the main Vendor to that which you wish to order from.

Development has been advised of this issue for the next maintenance update. An eta has not been determined at this time.

  • Joyce


Development has just released a maintenance update for AyaNova Hotfix 3 that addresses this issue when having selected the Alternative Wholesaler in your PO as well as a few others known issues.

Please see forum topic AyaNova-7-x-Maintenance-Update-Fixes-amp-QuickFixes

Thank you for letting us know of this issue so we could resolve.

  • Joyce