Part Requests that are not yet received restrict a workorder from being closed

Issue experienced by an AyaNova user:

A part request within a workorder item is made.
The AyaNova user realizes the part request is for an incorrect part, and makes a new part request.
The incorrect part request is not deleted (do note that it is possible to delete a part request by highlighting its row, and pressing DELETE on your keyboard as long as the part request has not been placed On Order)
Workorder is saved and Exited.
Purchase Order is created, ordering both the correct part and the incorrect part.
Purchase Order Receipt is created, receiving the correct part.
Purchase Order is manually set to closed - Closed - Partially Received.
The AyaNova user attempts to set the workorder to Service Completed and Closed, but can not because the part request for the incorrect part is still on order.
The AyaNova user attempts to delete the part request in the workorder item, but cannnot because the part request is On Order


Need to set the part request not to On Order.

The way to do this - is to receive the part into inventory.

  1. Open the Purchase Order and change the status back to On Order. Save and Exit.

  2. Open a Purchase Order Receipt. Receive that incorrect part request into inventory.

  3. Now you can set the workorder to Service Compelted and Closed because the part is no longer On Order - even if it wasn’t used in service.

  4. Via a new Inventory Adjustment, enter a negative amount for that part to remove it from inventory as you actually didn’t physically receive it.