Parts Quoted on Dispatch Report

Is it possible to pull a quoted quantity of parts and put it on a service dispatch report?? We have a HUGE need to know the quantity of parts quoted on a dispatch sheet. Currently we are printing a quote along with the dispatch sheet to get all of the information.


When you generate a service workorder from a quote ( see the the tutorial which walks through this) any parts identified in the Quote are also “copied” to the generated workorder, with the quantity quoted identified in the Quantity Quoted field in the generated service workorder (see step 24 and screenshots of the tutorial listed above)

If you would like your present dispatching report for a workorder to include showing the Quantity Quoted field data that is in this workorder, create a copy of that report template and customize it to include that datafield.

If I have misunderstood anything, please provide what you are presently doing in AyaNova in detail, give examples of what was entered in the quote, what shows in the generated workorder, etc to provide full context and I would be happy to reply to those specifics.

And too, I can provide report template customization if needed - do send the report template to be customized as per #3 of topic Custom-report-templates

  • Joyce

My issue is that I cannot find what field contains that data!! I can find that value for the parts USED - “LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_Quantity” but this does NOT have the value for the quoted parts… what is that field designated??


I included a screenshot to this reply too, do of course note that your field may be localized to some other word, in my sample it is localied to the word Pre-selected Quantity but regardless, the underlying datafield name is LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_QuantityReserved datafield

  • Joyce