Parts Receipt will not accept a zero amount for an item on backorder with a serial number

When I received items the other day I received
1 x ADSL modem
1 x UPS
0 X ADSL router

All items with serial number tracking enabled

On the purchase order receipt in Ayanova I was not able to receive the goods because it would not allow a 0 (zero) value for the ADSL router, as I did not enter a serial number.


Please confirm what your purchase order receipt looked like before you entered the 0 quantity for the ADSL router, and what your purchase order receipt looked like after you entered the 0 for the ADSL router, and entered the serial numbers for the two that were received?

Double-check what you are entering, and zip up a screenshot and attach to your reply that shows what the PO receipt looks like when you get the message if you are still experiencing an issue

  • Joyce

This is the screen shot, the broken rule will not disappear even it I add a serial number to the other items.

It will allow me to save if I add a serial number, but I do not want to do this as I dont know what the result will be.

Hello Clark
Have you moved out of the quantity field after editing it to 0?

If you have, and the serial number field still requests a serial number for the quantity of 0, I’m going to need to see your database to determine what is occurring.

Exit out of this PO Receipt without saving
Exit out of AyaNova and have all users out, and all other AyaNova related programs out
Zip up a copy of the AyaNova database file and attach to a direct email to
Include in that email the manager username and password
Include in that email the vendor, and PO number for these items so that I can recreate with your data to identify what is occurring.
Please also confirm that you are using the latest AyaNova v3.2.5 (select menu Help -> About AyaNova)
Also provide a copy of your AyaNova.exe.config file from the AyaNova program folder.
Although it is after 7:30PM here and our normal support hours are till 5PM, I will stay for the next hour and keep an eye out for your email with the database. I would appreciate it if you would send it ASAP. If you send it after - that is fine, as I will check it out first thing in the morning.

  • Joyce

Hi Clark

Thank you for sending the database and the screenshot. When I previously tested this on receiving your initial posting, I initially was not selecting a serialized part in the PO, which is why it appeared grayed out correctly for me. Or in another example I tested, I had 2 or more of the serialized parts in the PO, and I had entered in a quantity of only 1 to receive.

I am able to reproduce what you have experienced and this will be addressed as soon as possible inthe next maintenance release.

Until that time, I am providing below a work-around to allow you to not receive a serialized part in a PO Receipt that will also allow the next maintenance update to check and remove as needed.

Create a new PO Receipt and select the vendor
Select the PO to receive against
Enter in serial numbers for those items that are received
If a serialized item is not yet received, set it to a quantity of 0 (zero)
And enter one space (use your keyboard’s SPACE key) for the serial number and tab out
Save the PO Receipt

If you check Inventory grid, you will see that the On Hand amount is correct
You will see that there is a serial number entry - but it is just this serial number that is a space
This way its obvious to you this is not a selectable serial number
And the next maintenance update - as well as “graying” out the Serial number field in a PO Receipt if the quantity is set to 0, will also check the database for any serial numbers that are just one space and remove them

And in the workorder where this part request for this serialized item was made, it will continue to show as On Order and not yet received, as you had entered a quantity of 0 received.


Issue has now been addressed with v3.2.6 Refer to the Known Issues & Updates section of this forum for update instructions.

Previous serial numbers entered as just spaces will be deleted.