Parts Request dialog box not appearing in new workorder

After I have entered a new part in to Ayanava inventory, then created a new workorder; applying parts to that workorder that are not in stock, we are continually unable to request parts as the parts request screen does not appear. The inventory just records a minus figure against the part and we cannot create a purchase order agains the parts requrest as there has been no option to requrest parts. Help needed. Thanks.


I haven’t encountered such an issue before. Sounds like somehow you have inventory half on and half off, in that you have part requests not showing, but inventory showing a negative amount still shows. Send the following to so that I can take a direct look :

identify a number of workorders (by their number) that had this occur
zip up a backup of your AyaNova database file using WinZip and attach
include the AyaNova Administrator username and password
include the username and password of the user the applied the parts to the workorders
zip up the ayalog.txt file using WinZip from the station where the parts were applied and attach

  • Joyce

Hi again

Have not heard from you?

Do post back if you resolved it, and what the issue was for the benefit of other AyaNova users that may encounter a similiar issue.

If you are still experiencing the issue, do send the information requested above.

  • Joyce

I ran into this problem as well. When you open a workorder, select the part grid, and enter a quantity THEN select the part, there is no pop up dialog box to generate a part request. However, when you select the part FIRST, then the quantity, you get a pop updialog that says ‘Insufficient stock (0.00). Do you want to request 5.0’? Is there an update available to fix this bug?


Thank you for clarifying what was also occurring for the original poster of this topic. I appreciate that.

AyaNova only makes a part request if the Part is selected before the quantity is entered. This is by design and is not a bug.

If you want to make a part request, always select the Part itself first (or Warehouse first, than Part) before entering in the quantity.

  • Joyce