We moved and in the middle of our move I lost the logon password for my standalone version of AyaNova. How can I reset the password?


Log in as another user that has full rights to everything such as the AyaNova Administrator and edit the login and password for your AyaNova user.

The AyaNova Administrator username is “manager” and password is “letmein” if you have not yet changed it.

If you also have forgotten the AyaNova Administrator’s username and password, provide the following:
[li] email directly[/li][li] send the email from the email address registered to your licensed copy of AyaNova[/li][li] include your company name and your full name[/li][li] include what the issue is[/li][li] attach copy of ayalog.txt file from the AyaNova program folder so we can confirm version, registered company name, and can confirm whether a specific reset for your company database can be sent.[/li][/ul]

  • Joyce