Paste license keycode won't work

I downloaded the AyaNova 3.2 and the owners purchased the software and they issued us a keycode but when I copy the keycode to my clipboard and go and try to paste in where you paste the license information it keeps telling me that there is nothing on my clip board. I did right click to copy and then hit the paste key button but nothing is working. What am I doing wrong. I have closed down the program and relogged in and tried again but it still doesn’t work.


Hi Debbie

Reasons for different messages you may receive when entering the keycode is also in this forum in topic

If you are still experiencing an issue, I’ll get you to directly email me at the following (do not include license information in public postings):

  1. Perform the same steps you had done previously to copy the license key

  2. Log into AyaNova as the manager, select menu Help -> License

  3. Select the menu option Paste license key

  4. If it says anything else other than “Key has been saved, restart AyaNova at all computers now” provide the exact text it does state

  5. Thanopen a NotePad document, paste into this document, save and attach that document to your reply to me

  6. This will show me and yourself exactly what is presently on your clipboard so we can determine what the issue is.

  7. Also provide in your direct email what exact version of AyaNova you are presently running (menu Help -> About AyaNova) as it should be 3.?.?

  8. Also open Windows Explorer and open the AyaNova program directory on this computer - what is the file date of the two files AyaNova.exe and GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll

  • Joyce

OK I got the code to work thanks to Joyces’s email. Now I am running version 3.2 and have not added anything to my database since this is all a new install. I also installed Quickbooks this morning and did that Ayanova QB installs with that. Do I need to upgrade to version 3.2.1? Also can’t I just reinstall the download from the website if I don’t have any data saved yet? I was reading the directions and it seems that I would just have to redownload the trial version on your download page and rename the databases. I think I am still getting that trial version information though because when I went to the help files and typed in a topic it tells me I am using the trial version even though I have unlocked it with the license key. I am confused where to I go from here?

I am just using the stand alone version installed on one computer

Hi Debbie

Do note - you can check who your database is licensed toby logging in as the AyaNova Administrator, select menu Help -> License -> If theregistered name is your company than you know it is licensed

Also, when you run the AyaNova program and the log in screen displays - is the AyaNova Administrator username and password pre-entered anymore for you like it was while in trial mode? If it isn’t, that means it is no longer a trial database - it may still have trial data in it if you haven’t erased, but the database is licensed.

In regards to upgrades and installation, I am not sure what the question is - if it is whether you should perform the upgrade as per the instructions or whether you should download and use the latest versionof AyaNova programs - than the answer is always YES.

Yes - upgrades are released to address issues.

If you are not using the latest version, you will encounter an issue.

If you do not follow the step by stepinstructions in the upgrade, you will encounter an issue. When steps are provided, do always perform the steps - do not skips steps or change them. If you have a question on a step, ask us before proceeding.

Always use the latest versions of all AyaNova programs.

I don’t know what version of AyaNova you are using whether you should perform the specific steps to upgrade or not.

  1. What is the exact version of your AyaNova - select menu Help -> About AyaNova - (do note the version is three numbers X.X.X, not just two)

  2. What is the exact version of QBI - in QBI select menu Help -> About (again, do note the version is three numbers X.X.X, not just two)

  3. Open Windows Explorer, open the AyaNova program folder (default is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3) what is the Modified Date of the following two files


  • Joyce