We will possibly be using your software for a startup service company. For nowI will have a home office, basically a Virtual Assistantand the owners will have a home office. We are trying to come up with the best possible networking solution and I thought that pcAnywhere by Symantic may work for now. DO you know if AyaNova is compatible or not?

Thank you


Hi Debbie

PCAnywhere, to my understanding, is a way to remotely “take over” a computer. For example, you would run PCAnywhere Host on your computer, not be able to use it yourself, and the owners would run PCAnywhere Client on their computer so they could in esscense “take over” your computer, and run it as if it was theirs.

Unless you have a second computer where PCAnywhere Host can run, that would also run the network configuration of AyaNova to network AyaNova for multiple users, not sure if PCAnywhere will meet your needs as you couldn’t use your computer if the owners needed access.

A suggestion for right now is setting up along with the network configuration for AyaNova, is the AyaNova Data Portal - this allows remote users to access the shared database but run the AyaNova program on their computers. Screenshot and brief outline can be found on the AyaNova Data Portal at http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNovaConfiguration.htm#Data_Portal_configuration

Detailed instructions for setting up AyaNova in a network configuration and the AyaNova Data Portal is in the AyaNova v3 Manualtechnical section under “Additional Installation & Configuration” starting page 538

The AyaNova v3 Manual is available from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm and we highly recommend reviewing as it contains detailed information on all features, screen-shots, tips on use, tutorials, and installation and configuration information.

We are also in development of the optional add-on WBI v3 which would allow remote users to access via a web browser - no need for installation or configuration on remote users stations - they would just enter in a URL in their web browser to access your AyaNova database and login. This would probably be the best solution for you. We guess-timate release this summer.

Access via terminal services is another option. We ourselves have not confirmed compatibility with terminal services, but from information from other AyaNova v3 users, it can be used as long as the AyaNova v3 program is not running on the terminal server itself - just via the client. Here’s a link to information on Windows Terminal Services http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Windows_2003_Terminal_Services_Part1.htmlYou may also wish to contact your local computer centre for more information.

We also encourage setting up the trial AyaNova as you would use it live - configure network access, etc - so that everything is ready to go before you even purchase.

Let me know if additional questions.

  • Joyce

Thank you, I will look into that. I saw where they were going to be offering AyaNova web based which would of been perfect for us and of course as soon as we set up our network it will probably be available :stuck_out_tongue: The other option we are looking into is a Virtual Private Network.

Hi again Debbie

WBI v3 (web browser interface) will be an optional add-on to AyaNova - so you can purchase it and use it at any time after purchasing AyaNova schedulable user licenses.

Depending on the speed of connection in your VPN, yes, you could use AyaNova in a network configuration - the remote stations would be configured just as a regular local networked computers would.

Do set up the trial AyaNova in the configuration you will be using. Detailed information is in the AyaNova v3 Manual.If you have any questions, let me know.

  • Joyce

Hi again Debbie

Gary has just posted also on the topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic733-90-1.aspxregarding using AyaNova v3 and Terminal Services successfully. That may be an option you may also want to use.

  • Joyce