PDA handheld support

Any plans for AyaNova to support using handhelds in the field for users?


Yes. It is a feature we do want to include down the road, and is also been posted and suggested by other AyaNova users in the AyaNova v3 Wish List forum.

  • Joyce

So how do users use your product in the field now?

A couple ways:

  1. If they have an Internet capable notebook, the AyaNova program resides on the notebooks computer hard drive and accesses the live AyaNova database via the AyaNova Data Portal (see also the brief on AyaNova Data Portal configuration) so the field user has live access to their schedule, reports, and data.

  2. Dispatch Report is printed off for the service to be performed for the field user, out in the field they canenter in details on the printed report, when return to the main office, enter in the details into AyaNova

As outlined on the AyaNova v3 Road Mapand also requested in the AyaNova v3 Wish List forum, we will be providing a web browser interface (WBI v3) guesstimate release this summer that will allow remote users with an Internet connection to use a standard web browser to access the live AyaNova database without the need to install any software on their devices.

We also have on our list to provide asimple textweb browser interface for Internet capable PDA devices (less to transfer back and forth over an Internet connection).

[POST UPDATE: check out http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNovaRemoteAccess.htmfor the four different remote access options we provide]

  • Joyce

OK, thanks.