PDA/XDA Interface and Pricing

As per CE with ARAS will BB have the ability of been utilized through a PDA/XDA with the screen size been resized? Also is it possible to incorporate a signature from the customer as verification that the job has been completed,as this helps if there is a issue later on.
Is the pricing of BB simular CE?



Hello Ian

We will look into PDA “off-line” ability and Electronic signatures.

Pricing will continue the same as with the existing version AyaNova CE in that licenses will only need be purchased for the number of schedulable users for the main next generation AyaNova. Optional add-ons such as web interface remote access and QuickBooks integration and other optional featureadd-ons will be a separate one license per database as is presently. We do not have exact prices per license at this time.

As an update to this topic, please see the forum topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3790-123-1.aspxregarding the optional add-on MBI - mobile browser interfaceand the forum topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic1934-65-1.aspx regarding off line access

  • Joyce