Peachtree Inventory Assemblies

We have an issue that Ayanova does not have the ability to recognize an Peachtree assembly item as a true assembly to adjust parts accordingly when that part is added to a work order. We are left with a constant need to adjust inventory manually.

Example is a computer that is a single assembly item in Peachtree, it has the list of parts from Peachtree as well, let’s say:

Computer item: ACT-COMP-1 is built with parts:




So in Peachtree I have the ability to “build” the item and it will pull all the selected parts, allow me to select serial #'s, etc. Then viola I actually have one of those items in inventory. In Ayanova I constantly have to adjust inventory so things will match.

Is there any plans for dealing with assemblies like this or am I pretty much stuck with needing to adjust?

Hi Chris

Sorry for the delay in replying - my subscription to be notified of new topics in this PTI section of the forum was not enabled and I did not see this until just now.

At this time, no, this is not a feature of AyaNova. A part is one item in AyaNova and does not presently have the ability to automatically take into account “sub” parts when the part is selected in an AyaNova workorder.

We will certainly look into this for future feature of AyaNova.

  • Joyce