Peachtree Price Levels

Peachtree has the ability to set multiple price levels for an item. This then allows you to set multiple prices for the same item. Is there any way to get this to function or link multiple Ayanova rates to a single Peach item so that we don’t need a separate rate for each price?

E.g. right now we have a Labor rate in Peach that has $95 $85 $75, etc. as different price levels for the same item “LABOR.” There’s currently no way for us to link to all of these in Ayanova and our only option appears to be creating a new rate for every price and then using contracts to link that to a customer. Though feasable it does create a large amount of extra items in peach and rates in Ayanova.

Hi Chris

Again I apologize for the delay in responding - there is an issue with this forum software not notifiying of new topics that I am working on with the forum software developers to determine a solution.

In regards to your topic, AyaNova PTI will take by default the AyaNova Service Rate’s or Travel Rates Retail Charge price no matter what is the Rate set for the linked item in PeachTree. This is because a large majority of users will have multiple AyaNova rates all at different retail prices linked to one PeachTree item that is used for billing out service.

What I would suggest is that youeither link each PeachTree Labor rate to the equivalent $ Labor rate in AyaNova, or you could as you suggested above, create one generic Labor rate in PeachTree and link all AyaNova labor rates to it, as PTI will bill out the labor at the rate dictated in the AyaNova workorder.

  • Joyce

No problem at all. My accounting dept is finally trying to get this integrated and started bombarding me with questions.

I don’t know what I was doing wrong before but I didn’t think I could link multiple Ayanova items to a single peach item. I just tried it again and it worked fine. I’m guessing I tried to do it in the opposite direction. So that will definately work for them.