Please add a Schedulable User column to the Service Workorder grid

We need be able to see a list of all “open and service not completed” Workorder numbers by Schedulable User.

By having the Schedulable User as a selectable column in this grid will do the job. This will allow us to see and adjust the distributed work load with just a few clicks.

We tried accomplishing this by filtering the Schedulable User and Labor sub-grids but discovered if a Schedulable User has more than one workorder item in a workorder meeting the filter criteria, the Workorder number will list in the grid more than once.



Hi Bob, I’m not sure I understand your request, if you want a list by scheduleable user then scheduleable users need to be included in that list. Since a scheduleable user can appear many times on a workorder that’s the purpose of the sub grids. As a natural consequence you will see the same workorder number more than once, that’s natural since that’s how the system works.

What you are asking for is at odds with itself.

Perhaps if you can tell me the business purpose of such a list / report I can suggest an alternative method to achieve what you are after.

Hi John,

The business purpose is to be able to display schedulable users in the grid and have their open workorders display only once. This way we can quickly readjust the workload if necessary.

The problem we are encountering is workorders are appearing in the list more than once even after we have applied all of the filters available.

Here is an actual grid-list from the Scheduled Users grid for one technician for a period of two days:

Scheduled User Items (21)

Workorder User

7721 Rob
8089 Rob
8121 Rob
8121 Rob
8150 Rob
8174 Rob
8174 Rob
8202 Rob
8207 Rob
8207 Rob
8218 Rob
8220 Rob
8221 Rob
8221 Rob
8229 Rob
8229 Rob
8229 Rob
8230 Rob
8231 Rob
8234 Rob
8236 Rob

As can be seen, Rob has only 15 total workorders, but the item count shows 21 due to some workorders repeating more than once. No matter how many different ways we apply filters to the Schedulable Users or Labor grids we end up with at least one repeated workorder.

If as I had wished, that the schedulable user be added as a selectable item in the top level Service Workorders grid , I believe the repeating problem will be eliminated. I say this because we are able to filter the Service Workorders grid successfully and have the open workorders display only once. The problem is we don’t have a way in this grid to see only one users’ workorders, we see all open workorders.



Hi Bob, let’s take workorder 8121 for example, it’s appearing twice in this list, are you saying that user is not scheduled more than once on that work order? I.E. isn’t he scheduled twice on that work order, perhaps in two different workorder items or twice in the same item?

If that is the scheduled users list and he is only scheduled once on that work order it’s a bug, if he’s scheduled twice then it’s doing what it’s supposed to. If that is the case then from what you are saying if I understand correctly is that you want the list to only show one out of any number of times that a user may be scheduled on a workorder? Is that correct?

Hi John,

I appreciate yourquick response!

Maybe you should this to the support forum? I don’t want to hog the Wish List.

I was hoping for a quick and easy remedy by adding a Schedulable User column to the Service Workorders grid but there may an issue or perhaps amisunderstanding on my part of applying filters in the other two grids.

Iam able to filterthe grids using Workorder Status and Workorder Item Status columns to the pointthat I end up with an empty grid. :w00t:



Hi Bob, the overriding issue is that AyaNova allows for scheduling the same user more than once on a workorder and it appears you are using that feature.

That means any list that shows scheduleable users on a work order is going to show that same user more than once in the list if they are scheduled more than once.

I guess youcould schedule each user only once on a given work order and would end up with exactly the list you are after but then you would have to stop using that feature of the program.

Or perhaps you could break out multiple work order items for the same customer and technician over more than one workorder. I.E. perhaps you are scheduling too much on a single work order, generally speaking a work order should represent one incident of service in most cases depending on how you operate of course.

Generally speaking you only schedule the same user more than once on the same work order when you’re doing a big project and want it all on a single work order for tracking purposes or a service that is multi-stage and requires more than one incident in a chain to complete, i.e. one tech comes in to do a setup, another specializes in the next stage and finally the original tech comes back to finish the job.

I don’t know your circumstances, but it seems you are scheduling the same user many times on a single work order so you are going to see each scheduled item entry appearing in the scheduled users list for that same work order and user.

Yes John, that is correct. A user is assigned on more than one item in the workorder. This is becoming more commonplace for us. Approximately 30% of our work is now project based.

I know being able to list each workorder item’s status from a workorder in the grid is a feature but those two grids (Schedulable Users and Labor) are the only place I can select a Schedulable Users’ labor. I have no other choice but to use them.

In the previous Post where I listed Rob’s workorders,when I filter out the ‘completed’ workorder items I end up with a list of two open workorders instead of the fifteen he actually has.

That is why I wish to be able to select a Schedulable User from the Service Workorders grid. Then I need not be concerned with workorder items because they are not part of that grid.

EBCS (11/24/2006)

That is why I wish to be able to select a Schedulable User from the Service Workorders grid. Then I need not be concerned with workorder items because they are not part of that grid.

Ok, I think I’m starting to understand, you want to view the workorder list, the main, top workorder list filtered by a technician if they appear anywhere on that work order. I see where the confusion is coming from on this one, it’s because of our understanding of the internal nature of how the grids work so we just don’t even think about that top list like that; it was like you were speaking in a foreign language. :slight_smile:

Every column that appears on a grid and is filterable has to involve data that is available to that grid as a SQL server query (behind the scenes).

Ayanova stores all data in a non redundant way, i.e. no table every contains the same information more than once as much as possible. That’s why the technicians name isn’t simply stored in the same table as the work order, it’s super inefficient to do that and would result in many bad things happening.

So with data being in their own tables when a grid query is performed the tablesare joined together during the query, so the workorder header table is joined to the workorder items table which is in turn joined to the Workorder Item scheduled users table for scheduled techs (and dozens more obviously that aren’t important to what we’re talking about).

So when you get the main workorder header grid (the top grid you can choose in the workorder tree in the left pane) the query is fast and includes only information from one table (not literally but pretty much like that).

Every level you go down that tree more and more tables have to be brought in tofulfil the needs of the information displayed at that level.

If we were to include the users scheduled on the workorder in that grid we would have to join the workorder items table then the workorder item scheduled users table just to get at that info which would in effect create the same thing as the scheduled users grid you see now.

The problem is that the only place the data is stored about what techs are scheduled on a workorder is in that workorder item scheduled users table so it has to be queried to filter the workorder list by user.

There is no feasible option to tell the query that we just want any workorder headers where a table two joins deep under it contains a record that both exists for that workorder (matches it) and also has the selected (filtered) user in it. By doing that query we automatically return all the records that match that scheduled user, not just one.

It’s a technical issue that is not feasible to do at this point with the existing grids. However, that being said, ifI reword this wish list item as something like “Add a new grid to display a list of workorders that a selected technician appears on”, then we can look at some completely different way of accomplishing this and the task you have in mind.

I’ll add it to our list to look into this, but I must warn you that it’s not currently feasible at all with what we have now for the existing grids so it will have to be examined when we go over the potential new features to see how and if we can support it.

Thanks for explaining that John. I now see that what seemed to me like a simple “just add this” isn’t so simple.

I kept applying combinations of workorder status and workorder item status filters to the point that no workorders appeared :w00t:but I finally found a combination where only one workorder duplicates and we can live with that.