Please add ability to modify or delete filters

Adding the ability to edit and/or delete Filters would be great because if you make a mistake or want to edit the Filter, you have to name it something different and have a bunch of unused filters.


The ability to edit and delete a filter is already in AyaNova. Do check it out. Once a filter is selected, click on the Open of the Filter Drop Box list, and than you can edit the name or rights of a filter, and/or delete it.

When you change what is actually filtered and how filtered, that means it has a new internal filter ID and can not be saved as the same filter. It is not possible to allow editing the actual filtering without completely rewriting how filtering works.

If you do not have the “Open” button to the right of the filter view selection - that would indicate that your AyaNova username that you are logged in under does not have the security group rights to do so. You will need to log in as the AyaNova Adminstrator and edit the rights of the security group your username belongs to for the Object.GridFilter.