PM Template Issues- not transfering all information to PM when logged


I have tried using the PM template to generate a PM but for some reason it does not seem to be replicating all the information to the PM when opened.

The fields I seem to be having a problem with are “Workorder Status”, “Generate Time Span” & “Threshold Time Span”. When generating a PM it automatically reverts back to the preset information i.e. Blank status, 1 month generate time span & 7 days threshold time span.

Am I doing something wrong when entering the template or is it aglitch in the system?

Also when I try to use a template to generate a workorder or PM it rearranges my columns in the workorder items box, which although may sound trivial gets a bit annoying as I go into autopilot when entering these fields and then they don’t work properly because they’ve all moved.

Kind Regards - Emma (Bartech Services Ltd) :smiley:

I have also just noticed that the Active box unticks itself when generating a PM from the template.


Hi Emma
Order of columns in the Items grid in the PM entry screen (or quote entry screen or service workorder entry screen) is based on the last column order the user you are logged in had them in the last service workorder, quote or PM entry screen you were viewing.

For example:

You are logged into AyaNova and first are viewing a Service workorder
You have set the order of the grid columns to Request Date, Service Notes, Item Summary, Workorder Item Status, Priority.
You exit out of the service workorder entry screen, and open a existing PM entry screen - it too will now have the order of columns in the Items grid in the same order.
You now move the order of columns in the PM to Priority listed first - Priority, Request Date, Service Notes, Item Summary, Workorder Item Status
You exit out and open a service workorder
Now its columns will be in the same order of the last workorder entry screen which was the PM entry screen - Priority, Request Date, Service Notes, Item Summary, Workorder Item Status
Make sure you do not have more than yourself logged in with the same AyaNova username - as what grids are filtered and how, what sort order of columns are set, etc is tied to the AyaNova user. If you have more than one person logging in as the same AyaNova user, these settings will get changed by the last person out of a entry screen or grid. Each user accessing AyaNova should be logging in with their own user name.

I too am able to recreate that in a PM created from a PM template, that the Workorder Status is not set from the template. Development will be made aware of this for a maintenance update. The Active field not being checkmarked when the PM is created from the template is by design.

At this time with 4.1, when the PM entry screen opens so that you can enter additional specifics about this new PM, set the Workorder Status manually as you manually do with the Active field and date fields in the newly created PM

NOTE : Issue resolved in AyaNova 4.1.5 release

  • Joyce