PMs creating WO from past dates

Any idea why when I logged in to AyaNova this morning and wasworking in adding PMs, all of a sudden I have 110 new WOs and all of them are from previous dates (April 2007 up to June 2008). The PMs that I was adding to had nothing to do with these 3 particular clients.

Hi Terri

Do this first:

Open one of these workorder’s entry screen
Click on the Record History menu option
What is the created date and who created it?
What is the last modified date and by whom?
Do this with another couple of the workorders identifying who created, when, who modified and when
Now do the following:

In the Service Workorders grid, set the P.M. Parent column so that you can see it (i.e. pin it so that it is first or second or third column)
Do these workorders have a PM Parent?
If they do, that means these workorders were generated from that PM # identified.
And these workorders do have a PM Parent and they were not there yesterday, perhaps previously you were not running the Generator but now you are so these P.M.'s generated the workorders they were waiting to do so( i.e.if stand-alone configuration, the internal Generator only runs when NOT logged in as the AyaNova Administrator; with a network configuration, the network Generator service has to be installed and running)
Or another possiblily is:

Perhaps you were previously viewing a filtered grid - for example, one or more columns were filtered so that only records that matched the filters showed
Or perhaps you had a certain sort order on the columns resulting in not seeing these previous workorders because they were listed further down or more than the first 100 records
Check each of the above.

If not the above, the only way to troubleshoot is for me to see your actual database itself. Send a copy of your ayalog.txt file along with confirmation how you checked each of the above and what you found, along with a link to this topic so that I know what it is in relation to; and than I can confirm what configuration you have and we can go from there getting a backup of your database for me to look at.

  • Joyce

Joyce, none of those things seem to be the issue. Could this have something to do with it: I was looking at the PMs and saw that some of them were not marked active, I then ticked all of them, then realized that if it was a one time only preventative maintenance then perhaps they should be blank, so I went back and unmarked some of them.

Is it possible by unticking then ticking I ended up asking it to print all the PMs that have happened previously.

Now to fix this issue, I guess the best thing for me to do would be just to delete the WOs.


Hi again Terri

If so, than you would have seen a PM # in the P.M. Parent field for each of these workorders as per my previous post as well as have seen by the creation date

I am pretty sure you will find a PM # in the PM Parent field for each of those workorders as it defintely sounds like what occurred - you made the PM’s active, which as a result generated workorders.

Yes, deleting the workorders would get rid of them, but do send details as per my previous post if you want to confirm why this occurred.

  • Joyce

thanks Joyce, I just deleted all of them.