PO Multiple Parts Showing as a Total number not separate or multiple lines

I have an issue with my POs… when I generate them for multiple part requests I end up with similar items on multiple lines and not totalling. Is it possible to get the same parts added together rather then on separate lines (see below)

PO Issue.jpg

As you can see the items are on separate lines… Can we bulk the line up (ie COUP_GRV_2 should show 10 total not two lines with 5 each), I am sure its possible with script but is there an easier way??


AyaNova identifies each separately, because each are for a separate workorder item’s part request.
If AyaNova was to after the fact group all same parts into a single qty ordered, or if you manually edited the database or used a script to manually modify the database, that would break as well as lose the link to the specific workorder where the part request record was made.

If you want an ordered part to have all its ordered quantity as a single ordered item, you would need to manually create your PO’s without utilizing the part request feature, instead selecting the specific part and manually entering the total quantity to order. No link back to the workorder, nor link to the notification “Workorder item part request - parts received” would than be available though.

  • Joyce