Possible .NET v4.5.1 Issue

I may have found a possible issue with AyaNova v7.2.0 (HF 9) and the update to .NET v 4.5.1. After we upgraded a system with the new .NET update from Microsoft, Aya became completely unable to start. It generated a simple error screen with no error codes or messages. Once we uninstalled .NET 4.5.1 and reinstalled the v4.0 everything returned to normal. Not sure if this is something more on our end or if this is something relating to the new version of .NET

For each computer you experienced this on, please provide the following specifics:

  • how exactly the .NET update was applied - i.e. via Windows Update, then rebooted the computer before running AyaNova
  • operating system
  • 32bit or 64bit
    -copy of that computer’s ayalog.txt file

(because of the information potentially provided in your ayalog.txt file, I suggest sending directly to support@ayanova.com including referencing this AyaNova forum post)

  • Joyce

Hi again

Have confirmed here no issue with running AyaNova on Windows 7 , Windows 2012 computers that have 4.5.1 successfully installed.

I would strongly recommend rechecking exactly how the update was performed, that all programs are shut down while the update is applied, that the computer is definitely rebooted after the update is successfully applied, before running AyaNova.

If you continue to experience any issue, do send ALL requested. Here again is the minimum to send:

  • how exactly your 4.5.1 was downloaded, installed and applied including rebooting and how you ensured nothing running while doing so

  • operating system

  • bit

  • copy of ayalog.txt

  • Joyce