Possible to set a default "user profile" for different users logging into AN3?

We are well into getting our new version customized to fit our needs and one of the things I am not seeing is if there is a way to create a standard “view” with ourcustomizationsthat all users see when they logon, and when we roll new installations out. Is there a particular file in the program directory on the server that controls this?Can wecopy to new installations to make it “our” standard view?

Hi again Mike

I will move this to the Wish List sub-form as a feature request so that it is on the list to get implemented.

I do see how when a user first logs in, the grids and columns may be out of order for what you desire for first time users. Having either a default user configuration - perhaps pointing to “first time log in use user XXXX grid configuration” or some such would be a good idea.

Thank you for the suggestion.

coolio Thanks Joyce.

Hi Mike

This is now a feature with AyaNova v3.1.1

A new user will by default “take” the same grid settings as the AyaNova Administrator for the first time they log in.

And if you select the “Clear all user’s forms settings” button in the user’s entry screen, the next time that user logs in they will “take” the AyaNova Administrator’s grid settings as a default.

We also will be providing an update guess-timate release in April to include being able to save “views” that all users can access. Its going to take quite a bit of development, so we didn’t include it in this release, as we wanted to get QBI v3 released, and it needed AyaNova v3.1 to be available at the same time.

Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Joyce

Ability to save filtered views is now a feature of AyaNova v3.2