*Pre-entered state, area code, etc. info now in AyaNova 5*

Hello Joyce,

It’s me again.

Most of our customers are located in Vermont, in Area Code 802 and within a limited number of ZIP Codes. Is it possible to set-up AN3 (in Additional Entry Grids & Screens, maybe?) so that this information appears automatically in the Clients Navigation Pane?


Hi again Ian

Do you mean for example so that you can select from a drop down list of pre-entered zip codes in the Address sub-window in the client entry screen?

If so, not at this time as the area code field in the Contact grid in the client entry screen and the zip code field in Address sub-window are text only fields.

But thatis an interesting idea - I will move this to the Wish List section of this forum for development to look into as a future feature.

  • Joyce

Hello Joyce,

You mean there’s something AN3 CAN’T do? I want my money back!:wink:

Either a drop down menu or some feature that would allow the standard info. (State, Area Code, ZIP) to automatically appear, but that could be overwritten if necessary. That would be great and save a fair amount of typing.

Many thanks for putting my query on the wish list.


Will do - its a great idea. This forum post will now be moved to the Wish List section of the forum.

  • Joyce

New feature coming in AyaNova 5 that will list previously entered City, State, Postal, Country so that you can easily select from drop down instead of having to type.

For example, if your previously entered clients are all in Vermont, and there are only a few zip codes - when entering in address information, you can easily just drop down and select Vermont; and drop down and select from the one of the previously entered zip codes; or if a different state or a zip code not yet entered, just type in as normal.