Pre-Purchase Questions

I have some pre-purchase questions. I was all geared up to purchase the old version when they/ you started with building the new v.3. We are a condo association which maintains all maintenance aspects of the resort. We have both billable & non-billable type work orders. What I need is a software program that I can create & Track work-orders, inventory of my parts, and have a way to print a bill (if you will) for my billable work-orders. Can Ayanova do this? What would be the benefits of using the Quickbooks integration? Lastly can the program be set up where 2 users can create & dispatch work-orders from 2 seperate computers but share the database information?


Yes to all questions!

Use AyaNova to create and track workorders both billable and non-billable
Use the inventory features of AyaNova to maintain inventory control
Use one of the sample Detailed Completed Workorder report templates to print out to use as a bill for the customer, or customize one of the samples report templates to your exact needs, or create your own report template using the internal report designer.
Configure AyaNova using the network configuration instructions to share the database amoung multiple simultaneous network users
I do encourage you to download the trial AyaNova v3 and the AyaNova v3 Manual from so that you can test out all features and get detailed information from the manual on features as well as tips on use and go through the tutorials.

For example:

“Service Workorders” starting on page 105 goes over all the aspects of the service workorder along with suggestions for use and tutorials.

“Inventory” starting on page 305 goes through the various aspects and use including tutorials

“Creating Custom Reports” starting on page 603 includes tutorials on using your own company logo, change font and text and much more detailed information on customizing reports.

“Additional Installation & Configuration” starting on page 538 provides step by step to set up for a network configuration so that you can share a signle database amoung multiple users on your nnetwork allowing everyone to access simultaneously.

The benefits of using the QuickBooks integration is

AyaNova is service management software - AyaNova is not accounting software - AyaNova does not maintain accounts receiveable or accounts payable - interfacing between the two allows you to use the best of both programs (QuickBooks AR & AP, and AyaNova everything else)
No need for double-entry as QBI does the entries for you.
Detailed information on the features of QBI can be found in the QBI v3 Manual that I invite you to review

  • Joyce