Pre-Sales Questions

I just downloaded the trial version of the program and am currently reviewing it. If I purchase it is there a return policy? I use a PDA (Palm), is there a PDA add-on?

AyaNova and the optionaladd-on ARAS are shareware - try before you buy. There is no need to purchase before you try it out fully. And we encourage you to test it out fully before purchase to ensure it meets your needs.

The main benefit of electronically distributable software is that the vast majority of products functionality and features can be tested prior to purchase. And like software that is purchased from a store, it is not acceptable to bring an “opened” box back to the store for a refund unless there is something physically the matter with the physical CD itself.

The only restriction for AyaNova while in trial mode is that you can not edit the sample users or their rights.

The trial ARAS provides 30 days of full feature access.

If your PDA has Internet capabilities you could access AyaNova using a standard web browser and logging in via ARAS. ARAS is installed within your network and acts as a “bridge” between the AyaNova database and the remote user. Reviewthe ARAS Installation & Configuration Guide with the 30 day full-featured trial of ARAS for installation and configuration information. Refer to the AyaNova Manaual reference sections on the ARAS for use. Both the AyaNova Manual and the ARAS Installation & Configuration Guide are downloadable from us know if you have additional questions.