Preventative maintenance not generating

I have the generator service running, and I am receiving memos and notifications to subscriptions I’ve created, but still am not having any success automatically generating workorders from preventative maintenance.

The preventative maintenace screenis ‘active’, and for testing, the Generate Time Span is set to 1 hour, the Threshold Time Span is set to 1 minute. The Next Service Date I set to 3 minutes after the current time. There is no Stop Generating Date set. I set the Scheduled User for the same time and day as the Next Service Date. I even tried setting the Scheduled User start time a few minutes later, thinking maybe I’m not giving it enough time, but no luck. I have it set for Any Day Of The Week.

As I understand, they should automatically generate as a new service workorder. Any ideas?


That would be because the Next Service Date is today not a different date.

If instead you made the Next Service Date tomorrow and used those minutes and hours for Threshold and Generate Time Span, when you start up AyaNova tomorrow, the generator will generate one workorder when its first runs, than when it next runs, another and so on.

  • Joyce

Joyce, good to know. I thought I was going crazy. Is it at midnight or some other time the generator kicks in? I may try moving the clock ahead to trick it. This is a test database, so I’m just learning howthe auto-generationworks, and need to get it running so I can proceed with getting it live. Thanks.

Hi again, now that it is the next day, is your text PM’s now generating workorders?

  • Joyce

Yes, it is now working. Patience is the key. thanks.