Preventative Maintenance Numbering

Is there a way we can change the starting numbers whenscheduling Preventative Maintenance? I see in the Globals settings we can change the starting work order numbers but I don’t see anything on PM’s.

Hi Debbie

Preventive Maintenance items are like a “template” for a service workorder in that they allow you to create one PM that automatically converts to a service workorder based on the combination of the Next Service Date and Threshold Time Span.

PM’s are not themselves a workorder, and are only numbered so that you can select them for viewing and editing.

PM numbers are not settable in Global Settings for these reasons.

  • Joyce

Thank you, I see I have to have the AyaNova generator configured and running in order to auto-convert the PM’s to work orders. Are there steps listed in the manual to show me how to do this. I guess I am going to have to schedule our first PM work so I better getting reading on how to do that :smiley: