Preventative Maintenance Report for Client

I have been using the preventative maintenance service and tasks group for check list. Aftera preventative maintenance is completed and technicians added their comments. I would like to be able to print/email PM report to the client. The dispatching report does not include comments entered in the labor field. The detailed complete service work order does not print task group. Are there any others templates that cross between both reports?


Preventive Maintenance items are meant to be used a “template” for a service workorder in that they allow you to create one PM that automatically converts to a service workorder based on the combination of the Next Service Date and Threshold Time Span.

The sample report templates that come with AyaNova for preventive maintenance orders are therefore based on this -a sample report to identifyPM’s next service dates, and sample report identifying the Client and unit to be serviced inthe next PM.

You can create a new custom report template for any area of AyaNova including the Preventive Maintenance grids. I would suggest going through the tutorial on making a new service report available in this Support Forum section at the tutorial is based on creating it from the Service Workorders grid, just create from the Preventive Maintenance grid as the basic steps are the same.

To include tasks in a report, I would suggest reviewing the designer of the Service Workorders sample report template Sample Dispatching Report as it has been designed to display tasks.

Report templates available from one grid are not available from a different grid. Service workorder report templates are not available from the Preventive Miantenance grid as each has different datasets - Service Workorder report tempaltes refer to data from a service workorder, whereas Preventive Maintenance report templates refer to data from a preventive maintenance.

If you have questions on a custom report template, I would be happy to help. If you have questions, do always zip up a copy of your exported report template and attach to your posting, along with details of the questions so that I may help.

  • Joyce