* Pricing Import/Update Feature for QBI now a feature in QBI 4*


Adding an ability to import updated item pricing/costs from QB would be great as all our pricing is maintained in QB. When pricing is updated we can not reflect that change in AyaNova. Entering all the changes manally into AyaNova is much too costly in terms of time and manpower. The result is that I cannot provide accurate pricing to my service techs or customers out of AyaNova.

If we could import updated data (admin only) into AyaNova from QB, that would be a great feature!

Yes that is an important feature, I’ve moved it to the internal TODO list for a future QBI release.

QBI 4 now includes additional features such as ability to auto-synchronize all AyaNova part price and cost to that of the linked QuickBooks item part price and cost.

Also QBI 4 now includes ability to import AyaNova rates and parts into QuickBooks.

Referto the http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm for the QBI 4 Help file for details on QBI features and use.

  • Joyce