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I am using Excel for importing parts data where prices change often. If I import a new partslist are the prices updated automatically? Old prices are kept for material used on old service orders?

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Hi Marcel

As outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual on the ImportPartsCSV utility that we provide, only new part records are imported. Existing parts are not imported, and existing parts are not edited in any way. Existing part prices used in workorders are not affected as existing part prices are not changed when using the ImportPartCSV utility.

If using the optional add-on QBI (QuickBooks interface) or optional add-on PTI (PeachTree interface), once parts have been imported, if part pricing has been changed, QBI (or PTI) will let you know at the time of invoicing that there is a price discrepancy so that you can either update the accounting program or update AyaNova with the correct price.

If you have developed your own utility to import parts, it would depend on what tables you are updating yourself.

Also, if you have created your own utility to import parts and update existing part prices, I invite you to post information about it in the forum section you can sell your own third party AyaNova related products and services.

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Hi Joyce,

Thanks for clearing it up. This means that if I need to update prices I would need to build an external application to handle the database. I would need your help to identify how this needs to be done.

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Hi again Marcel

We provide the AyaNova API documentation at refer to if you are interested in creating your own custom utility to import/export or perform other database access

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I just wanted to post a note that theupcoming optional add-on QBI version 4 will have the ability to do this for you - synchronize AyaNova part price and cost with its linked QuickBooks part price and cost

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I work in a Quarry in St.Lucia,West Indies, and you can imagine how many customers we have on a daily basis.Peachtree is the company`s accounting software.However we got someone to write a program for our sales office.Basically what it does is bills customers and so on.Then at the end of the day,we export the daily sales from this program into a .csv file and import it into peachtree.My problem however,is for the customers we give special prices.We have set prices for our products e.g sand-$60… in peach and in this external program,but we give some customers special prices.What is happening now,is peachtress unit prices are overiding those special unit prices.e.g If a customers buys sand at $55 instead of #60,when imported into peachtree,that $55 price would be overidden by the $60 .Then we have to go into peach tree and manually adjust the price for that customer so their accounts will be correct.Will your program work for my situation,considering we use this external program.

Hi Marlon
With the optional add-on PTI which interfaces AyaNova and Peachtree, you have four choices when invoicing out a ready-to-be-invoiced AyaNova workorder into Peachtree if there are differences in the Part pricing between that in the AyaNova workorder and the part in Peachtree:

  1. Use the workorder price as it is; even though it’s different

• Leaving the retail price as is in AyaNova service workorder, and invoicing out at that AyaNova retail price in the PeachTree invoice.
• **if selected, but you close PTI before invoicing, you will need to select this again when you open PTI again as PTI will note again that there is a difference.

  1. Set the workorder item’s price to the PeachTree price

• Updating the retail price and cost in the AyaNova service workorder to that of PeachTree part, and invoicing out at the PeachTree retail price.
• **if selected, this affects the workorder item part price immediately, even if you close PTI before invoicing

  1. Set the AyaNova object’s default price to be the PeachTree price from now on

• Updating the retail price in the AyaNova service workorder to that of PeachTree part , and updates the AyaNova part retail price in the AyaNova object to that of the PeachTree object, and invoicing out at the PeachTree retail price.
• **if selected, this affects the AyaNova part object price, as well as the part price in the service workorder immediately, even if you close PTI before invoicing

  1. Set the PeachTree object’s default price to be the AyaNova price from now on

• Leaving the retail price as is in AyaNova service workorder, update the retail price in the PeachTree object to that of the AyaNova part retail price, and invoicing out at that AyaNova retail price in the PeachTree invoice
• **if selected, this affects the PeachTree part price immediately even if you close PTI before invoicing
• Do note that only PeachTree items that are of Inventory type can have their default price changed

So if you have edited the part price in the AyaNova workorder to $50 for a part, but it is $60 in Peachtree, PTI will advise that there is a difference in the part price, and you can select to use the workorder price even though it is different.

Do note that our optional add-on PTI works as an interface between AyaNova and Peachtree only, it does not work with another developers program and Peachtree.

Do check out the features of the optional add-on PTI and details about the AyaNova service management & workorder program at We encourage you to download AyaNova from and install, and request a temporary key to fully unlock AyaNova and its optional add-ons including PTI via the online request form so that you can fully try out AyaNova and its optional add-ons.

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Thanks,this information is great but since we use an external program to do our sales then upload into peachtree,would this be a problem.Or would the info from the external program go to Ayanova first then to peachtree??Because what im trying to do is get peachtree to recognize the unit prices in this external program.

Hi again,

The optional add-on PTI interfaces our service management program AyaNova with Peachtree only. It would not be able to make your Peachtreerecognize unit prices in your other sales program - PTI only works with AyaNova.

We do not have a ready made optional add-on to interface with your custom sales program - there is no way to know what it needs, etc. It would need a special custom interface developed if you wanted to interface your sales program with AyaNova.

We do provide the API documentation for those that what to build and develop their own custom interfaces for AyaNova - for example, if you want to develop a third party program to interface AyaNova with your sales program. See more details.

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Do you have any suggestions based on my problem.I would really appreciate it.

Hi again, I am not sure what else to suggest.

If you are interested in AyaNova, you can definitely use the optional add-on PTI to interface AyaNova and Peachtree.

If instead you are looking to have a custom program developed for you that interfaces your custom sales program with Peachtree, I would suggest contacting Peachtree as they may have a list of developers you can contact to develop something for you

Was there something else that I am missing?

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