Printing PMs from Custom Fields

I am trying to print a list of PMs from the ABC Custom Fields template. It allows me to see my PMs in alphabetical order and the list of machines to be serviced, however when I select all and go to print - it only says “new summary report template” and I am unable to print the list.

Simone R.

Hi Simone

If all you have listed is the “New summary report template” when you drop down the Print list, that would indicate that this particular grid does not have any report templates created for that grid to print.

With AyaNova, each of the grids under Items has its own report templates.

For example:

  1. view the Service navigation pane.
  2. Click to view the Service Workorders grid
  3. Drop down the list of report templates available for selection from this grid - you will see there are a number of sample report templates.
  4. Now click on the Scheduled Users grid in the Service navigation pane and drop down its Print list - completely different sample report templates will be available here, because this is a completely different grid displaying columns in relation to the Scheduled Users subsection of the workorder AND only Summary type report templates are available from here.

If you wish to print a detailed type report template, you can do so from the Preventive Maintenance grid or the PM’s Items grid.

If you wish to print a report from the Custom Fields of the Preventive Maintenance navigation pane, you will need to create a report template for that grid.

Have you followed along yet with the tutorials in the Help documentation about report template customization and creation?
Start with then the next tutorial after it and the next and so on.
Also check out the additional tutorials and samples in this forum such as Tutorial-for-Creating-Detailed-Report-Template-with-AyaNova-7
And also do review the Feature Details about printing starting with , the report template designer and more starting with too

  • Joyce

Ah finally this shed some light now I know what to do. Thanks!