Printing Schedule Markers

In the busy process of answering phones and dealing with new customers, we use schedule markers to capture the new customers information to hold the data in Ayanova somewhere until we can go back and generate an official workorder and enter the client information in the system. Is there any way to print the information in the schedule marker so it can be used to pass information on to the tech or as a note to go basck and enter the information into the system?


Schedule Markers do not have a print feature. It is certainly something we can look into for a future feature. But do note that if a client is not yet entered into AyaNova, when you go to create a new workorder and the client is not listed there, you can quickly and easily click on the Client jump button to create the new client (whether you just enter their customer name only to start, or enter in all of the needed info - as you can always go back and enter in address, phone, etc after creating the workorder with the client’s name). This way you can create the Scheduled User even if it is unassigned, and have it already tied to a workorder.

  • Joyce