Printing schedule time and schedule marker

Is there a way to print a report forscheduled time and scheduled marker for each technician. I would like to be able to see the time and hours scheduled, non work scheduled (using schedule marker) each weekby technician.

Hi Raymond

At present, printing from the graphical Schedule screen is available only as a screen shot of Schedule screen as you see it.

For example, to print out a 7 day screen-shot for a specific technician, have the technician log in as himself (or if you are logged in, create a Scheduleable User Group made up of that one technician and select it), select to view 7 day (defaults Mon to Sun displayed), select the date that falls in that 7 days, select the Print menu option to print a graphical screen-shot of the Schedule screen.

We will be adding report template type printing ability for schedule markers and workorder items from the Schedule screen in a future version.

To print out a summary of workorders grouped by scheduled user of the scheduled users records displaying in the Scheduled Users grid in the Service navigation pane, a suggestion may be to filter by scheduled user, custom filter a less than and greater than on the Service Start Date & Time, and filter to only show where Service is Completed is False.

AyaNova includes a sample summary report from the Scheduled Users grid called Scheduled Users Summary that is grouped by the scheduled user name, identifying the service start date for each workorder and which client the workorder is for.

To obtain a detailed report on the workorders, detailed reports are available from the Service Workorders grid and/or the Items grid. Filter and sort the workorder records based on what you wish to display (i.e Service Date, client’s Dispatch Zone, Service is completed, etc), and than select to print one of the sample Dispatching Reports provided.

The sample report templates can be customized further, as well as new report templates created using the internal report designer.

We will be expanding printing abilities on the different screens in future versions.

  • Joyce