Probably simple

This is probably a simple thing to do, but a quick search of the forum didn’t lend much insight.

I have two currency fields in a report, let’s call them RepairCharge and RepairCost.

At the bottom of the report I have a sum total of RepairCharge and RepairCost.

I would like to add a third field which would basically be Sum(RepairCharge) - Sum(RepairCost)… we can call it TotalNetProfit.

I do no not want NetProfit for every line in the report because it is unnecessary.

How exactly would I accomplish this?

Hi Sasserian

What you would need to do is create a script that does what you want to display.

For example, a script that:
gets the sum of the repaircharge
gets the sum of the repaircost
subtracts one from the other
and displays that in a field.

Some examples of multiplying, subtracting, etc would be in topic Sample-User-Billing-amp-NC-with-Commission-report-template and topic Manual-muliplication-of-quantity-by-part-price-via-scripts and topic No-charge-hours-calculation

Exact how to would not be in this forum, but I would be happy to provide this for you.
Send details via email to as per topic Custom-report-templates and I can give you a quote. How much would depend on how long it would take, but should be the minimum $55 unless something funky.

Hear from you soon

  • Joyce