Problem creating borders

Hi Joyce,

I am experiencing some difficulty attempting to create borders.

I have a table that I want all cells to have borders. The table has two columns and five rows. When I highlight the entire table and click the Border GUI ‘ALL’ button it does not create any borders. I also have tried using the GUIs’ left, right, top and bottom buttons but no borders are created.

When I highlight the entire table and manually enter the word ‘All’ to create borders around all cells only the cells in the first column end up with borders.

If I select each cell individually I am able to create a border around each one as long as I manually type ‘All, Left, etc. but then where the cells intersect I end up with overlapping borders.

I’ve attached the template and would appreciate if you would take a look at it and see if it is a user, template, or Report Writer problem.


Hi Bob

To set a property for multiple fields at the same time, do the following:

  1. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and use your mouse to select and highlight all the fields you want to set this same property for - see how each table cell is selected, not just the table as a whole.

  2. Now select the All property (do not type it in) for the Borders property

  3. Tab or click off so All now shows in the property field

  4. Now Preview - all bordors for all the fields that were highlighted now have a border set.

Let me know this now works for you.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Yes that works but I still end up with overlapping borders at the intersection of each cell.

What puzzles me is two things. One, why whenI use the mouse andhighlight the entire table only the cells in the first column ended up with borders (that don’t overlap which is what I want) but there were noborders created around the cells in the second column.

Two, when I used this same method for the table in GroupFooter1(highlighted the table using the mouse, clicked Borders>All GUI)all cells hadborders without any border overlaps.

I am able to duplicate this on other computers using other login names and with different templates so I think that rules out the user and template as the culprits.

I was able to get rid of the overlapping borderswhere they intersect butitwas tedious becausewhen I selected eachcelland attempted to use the GUIto remove the cell’s borders it had no effect. I hadto edit each cell and manually type the cell’s border properties.



Hi Bob

The screenshot in the previous reply was a further edit of what you sent - if you had already set a “general” Border setting for all the fields, plus again for individual as above, then yes, overlapping would occur.

If insteadyou started from scratch again on a new table that had not already had its properties indivdiually and as a group changed, then yes, you can select the entire table and set the Border and BorderWidth property at one go without overlapping of the borders.

The suggestion in my previous reply means that each tablecell has its border set - resulting in an overlap, because tablecell1 (for example) will have its bottom link overlap the top border of the field below it, and will have its right border overlap with the tablecell that is on its right.

Whereas if you start from beginning without changing the properties of indivdual cells, just highlight the entire table as shown in the screenshot below, then set the Border property and the BorderWidth property, then no overlapping occurs.

If you do not want an overlap, then delete that table you created, and start again - create the table and its rows, now highlight the entire table, then set the Border to All and the BorderWidth to whatever number you want.