Problem on service rate input in work order

I cannot select a service rates on labor screen. i didn’t try in other screen but all service rates are ok and set at a Customer type(group). what can i do ?

Can you be more specific? Do you mean that when you are in a service workorder in AyaNova and in the labor grid and when you drop down the list of rates there is nothing in the list even though you know there are rates entered already?

Or do you mean when you click on the drop down it won’'t drop down or…?

Be sure your rates you want to select have a checkmark in their Active checkbox, if they are not set to active they won’t be selectable on new records.

Also if you set them for a specific client group they will only be visible to clients in that group so be certain the client you selected is a member of the same group as the rate you want to select.

One other possibility is if you have selected a client for a work order that has a contract and that contract is set to limit the rates that can be selected to ones in that contract only then you will not see the general rates, only the ones that apply to that contract.

Thanks a alot, I contact support and Joyce tell me that my service rates was on contract rate only and since i didn’t put my customer on contract the field from the service rate was blank. Thanks again for your service and i hope this software help me in my business.

Only some featured missing from this software to be ‘‘the best software’’:
-Multiple service unit per work order
-The possibily to put auxiliairy Menu on the menu bar to add other database
-In the service Unit it will be great to put multiple warranty like parts,other parts and labor
-And finaly and not the less: item(parts) relate to service unit because it’s very annoying to have an excel database to look at parts that came from a certain service unit…

i hope someday it’ll have some script we can add to maximized this very versatile software. But that’s just my point of view :slight_smile:
Thanks again


Hello Martin

Good to hear resolved about the rates.

And thank you for your suggestions. I did want to make sure though that you were aware that you can right now have multiple service units per work order

An AyaNova 7 service workorder can have multiple workorder items.
Each workorder item you can select a specific and identify the unit you are servicing in this workorder item.
So for example, if your client has three units that need servicing, the first workorder item select the first Unit. Then create a second workorder item and select the second Unit. And create a third workorder item in that workorder, and select the third unit.
See more about workorder items starting
And also how to add and edit a new record in a subgrid (like the workorder item subgrid in the workorder entry screen)

I am not quite sure I understand the purpose of the suggestion “The possibily to put auxiliairy Menu on the menu bar to add other database”?

Each AyaNova database must be licensed separately, and would be fully set up separately.

Perhaps if you provided details about what it is that you want to accomplish, the tasks you need to do, the purpose, we can make specific suggestions.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I.m very appreciate your reply, quick and efficace.

What i try to say with the menu, it’s the sliding menu on the left of the software. If i can’t rely parts with equipment, i would like to know if its possible to add a new tab or a sub tab to include information relative at the relation with the parts and equipment. I know we can make something with the wiki page but it is not editable. Also, it’ll be very friendly to void the utility of ms excel. With a new or more database tab i’ll could have all my information at the same place.


Hi Martin

You can certainly create your own custom plugin or add-on, but no, the AyaNova program itself can not have a completely new and unique tab added to the navigation on the left.
More about creating your own custom plugin or add-on start with the Development SDK API section of this forum.

At this time, AyaNova does not have the ability to assign parts to be used with certain unit models. This is something on developments list to look into for a future version.

  • Joyce